How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account: 6 Steps

Aug 13, 2018 Fed up? How to delete or deactivate your Facebook account Apr 16, 2018 How to delete your Facebook account and save photos

Deactivating your account disables the profile and removes your name from activity logs. However, you will still be able to use messenger. Deleting a Facebook account is a permanent action, so make sure you’ve saved anything important before proceeding. Once you delete your account you'll no longer be able to use the messenger app.

How to Delete (or Deactivate) Your Facebook Account in Related: How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger. How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account. Unlike the deactivation process, Facebook doesn't make it east to delete your account on a permanent basis. In fact, if you want to delete your account, you will need to reach out to Facebook … How to Permanently DELETE Your Facebook Account? Aug 14, 2019

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