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Mar 08, 2017

root@OpenWrt:~# And I can see in logread that firewall was reloaded on boot because of changing interfaces. comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by Robert Grønning Linux Containers with OpenWrt Managing the OpenWrt Firewall. In order to permit access to webservers, a firewall rule must allow the traffic. Add a new rule to allow port 80 traffic to pass to any host on the inside network (the lxdbr0 bridge). Now point your browser at one (or more) of the webservers to see the content.

networking - Confused about OpenWRT's Firewall Zone

OpenWrt - Install on x86 Router | Linux PC Firewall Aug 26, 2019 Most effective technique of blocking Youtube on OpenWrt I tagged it with "networking iptables firewall openwrt" that makes it quite clear. – valentt Feb 8 '17 at 14:25. 1. Apparently not if people voted to close it. And this isn't a site specifically for sysadmins, someone may be a bash expert, for example, and have the rep to cast a …