Stingray, any of a number of flat-bodied rays noted for the long, sharp spines on their tails. Stingrays are disk-shaped and have flexible, tapering tails armed, in most species, with one or more saw-edged, venomous spines. They inhabit warm temperate and tropical waters, sometimes in great abundance.

Stingrays offer a Master’s Program (21 & older) at the Mountain View location. If you are looking for more information about joining our master's Team, please contact Coach Michael Soderlund at (770) 325-7292 ext. 5 or Masters WEEKLY SCHEDULE: Starting August 2019-May 2020 (June-July is a separate schedule) The Auburn YMCA Stingrays swim team is a year round competitive swim club which offers high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. We are a co-educational, competitive swim team that participates in age-group swimming under the auspices of the YMCA. Stingrays are marine animals with flat bodies and long, slender tails that have serrated, venom-containing spines. They are found in warm temperate and tropical waters throughout the world and are often seen in shallow waters lying on top of or partially burrowed in the sand. Mar 26, 2012 · Stingrays like to eat things like clams, crabs, mussels and worms. Stingrays have eyes on the top of their body and a mouth underneath (see the photo above). Many rays like to stay near the bottom of the ocean and find their food on the ocean floor. Fishy Fact #4: Can stingrays fly? It may look like they have wings, but those are fins. The river stingrays, and a number of whiptail stingrays (such as the Niger stingray), are restricted to fresh water. Stingrays are disk-shaped and have flexible, tapering tails armed, in most species, with one or more saw-edged, venomous spines. Most stingrays have one or more barbed stings on the tail, which is used only for self defending. Freshwater stingrays live in the Amazon River system and are one of the only rays inhabiting freshwater rather than saltwater. Though docile animals, they are responsible for more injuries to humans each year than any other Amazonian species. Jul 31, 2019 · The genus Dasylatis contains at least 69 different species of stingrays. Stingray habitats are primarily marine, but some also live in freshwater ecosystems. The ideal stingray environments are benthic zones with with sandy or muddy bottoms, seagrass beds and reefs.

Dasyatididae (stingrays); Myliobatidae (eagle rays); Mobulidae (manta rays) Genus Species Approximately 480 species. Fast Facts Description Rays in the order Chondrichthyes are essentially a compressed, flattened shark. The pectoral fins are fused to the head region into a disc and, in many species, the head is raised above the disc. Most

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Fish experts believe the giant stingray, such as this one in Cambodia's Mekong River, is the largest freshwater species on Earth. This specimen measured more than 13 feet (4 meters) long. TRYOUT INFORMATION FOR THE 2020-2021 SEASON. Register Here. Coaches Application. FAQ. 2020-2021 Coaches 18U - To Be Announced 16U - Dudley 16U - Tobin 14U - Kanupke The SRC Stingrays compete in the Magothy Division of Greater Annapolis Swim League (GASL). We are open to residents of the area from ages 4 - 18. Please contact: for additional information. All swimmers should possess some knowledge of basic swimming skills. In southern stingrays, the body and pectoral fins are expanded to form a diamond-shaped disc, which is about 1.2 times as broad as it is long, with females generally being larger than males. The disc width of Southern stingrays raised in captivity ranges from 48 to 53cm in males and 75 to 80cm for females. Jul 09, 2020 · Beach Safety: Jellyfish and Stingrays. With limited services at PINS and an increase in jellyfish, officials say it is best to always be prepared when visiting the beach. Author: KIII Staff Jun 25, 2015 · National and local law enforcement agencies closely guard details about the technology’s use, with much of what is known about stingrays revealed through court documents and other paperwork made