The Intel i210/ i211 are lower end current generation 1GbE NICs from Intel that are used to control single 1GbE ports. The Intel 82574L is the single port NIC that the i210 replaced. Given current pricing, we recommend sticking to the Intel i350 or Intel i210 NICs. pfSense 10GbE (SFP+) NIC Top Picks

Feb 07, 2019 · Choose a Start Time and Stop Time which control when the rule is active on the selected days. The time cannot cross midnight on any day. A full day is 0:00 to 23:59. Enter an optional Time Range Description for this specific range, e.g. Work Week. Click Add Time to add the choice as a range To enable pfSense to filter the URLs, we need a proxy server through which all requests from our network are routed. For this we use Squid. As the name suggests, SquidGuard is the actual filter. Under System → Package Manager in the Available Packages tab we install Squid and SquidGuard. Setting Up Transparent Proxy for HTTP Apr 15, 2018 · PfBlockerNG is the ultimate package for blocking incoming and outgoing traffic based on IP address or domain name. This package provides a wide variety of features for protecting your network from unwanted traffic including country blocking, IP/DNS blacklisting, and IP reputation blocking. It provides centralized management for all your pfSense ® or OPNSense ® powered firewalls. Many features available Centralized Configuration Management: global overview of all your pfSense ® and OPNsense ® devices "Direct View" will allow you to get a central access to all your devices (pfSense ® or OPNsense ®) central Alias Manager

Hi all, I am relatively new to PfSense. Previously, I have managed Cyberguard, Cisco PIX, IPTables, FortiGate and PaloAlto firewalls. Specifically, the last two bring interesting capability for firewall rules base - add application context to each rule. I

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