The Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) is a mechanism for automating the requests of digital certificates. Using SCEP, an administrator can automatically re-enroll and retrieve new digital certificates to replace expired/expiring certificates. It was developed originally by Cisco Systems for use in network devices such as routers

Deploy Certificates Using SCEP - Palo Alto Networks SCEP operation is dynamic in that the enterprise PKI generates a user-specific certificate when the SCEP client requests it and sends the certificate to the SCEP client. The SCEP client then transparently deploys the certificate to the client device. Certificate deployment for mobile devices using Microsoft Mar 13, 2019 SCEPMan | Intune SCEP-as-a-Service


Improving SCEP certificate distribution for Hybrid Azure Dec 23, 2019

draft-gutmann-scep-16 - Simple Certificate Enrolment Protocol

SCEP deployment to Windows 10 devices fails after CA renewal