NTA UGC NET Exam 2020 - Entrance Exam for JRF and Lectureship

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Latest Updates: July 16: UGC NET application form 2020 correction facility has been extended till July 20. Read More ; July 14: UGC NET 2020 application correction facility will close tomorrow, July 15. Read More; July 6: UGC NET application form correction facility is available from July 6 to 15. Candidates are advised to visit the official website and verify the details entered in the UGC NET Result: NTA NET December 2019 Result Declared Dec 31, 2019 UGC NET 2020: Application Correction (Till 20th July UGC NET 2020 Application Form Correction has been extended till 20th July 2020.The exam has been postponed for June session. New dates will be announced soon. It will be organized by newly formulated body – National Testing Agency through online CBT mode.