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FAQ for VPN & MFA - Decision Support - UM Confluence Dec 03, 2018 No Duo Mobile and VPN - Center for Information Technology For Second Password, in addition to push to use the Duo Mobile app, or a passcode generated from the Duo Mobile app, a hardware token, or from the Help Desk, you can also enter one of the following:. Enter phone1 to have Duo call the first phone in your list of devices.; Enter phone2 to have Duo call the second phone in your list of devices.; Enter phone3 to have Duo call the third phone in Take Advantage of TERPware | Division of Information - UMD TERPware also offers a variety of other software such as iTunes, QuickTime, VPN client software, and antivirus software. Availability. In order to download software from TERPware, you must be registered for at least one class at UMD, or be a UMD faculty/staff member. Software is available for Macs, PCs, and Linux machines at VMWARE HORIZON CLIENT OFF CAMPUS STUDENT TUTORIAL

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There may be times that you need to connect to the VPN Service before logging into your windows workstation. This can be done by using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client. Visit the Installing the VPN client web page for more info!To connect to the VPN Service before logging in, follow the steps below Virtual Private Network (VPN) | University of Maryland Virtual Private Network (VPN) VPN FAQ; VPN Instructions; VPN Problems; SOM Wireless; Viruses / Malware / Phishing. VIRUSES, WORMS, TROJAN HORSES ; Security. Security Alerts; Security Awareness; Supported Hardware & Software. Supported Hardware & Smartphones; Supported Application Software; Vendor Specials & Demos; PC and MAC Client Management

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