Jul 22, 2020

Open source alternative for multi-factor authentication Mar 13, 2020 privacyID3A – secure identities – OTP – strong authentication The open source two factor authentication system privacyIDEA wins 2nd place in Thomas Krenn Award for promising and outstanding open source projects. Read more. Two factor authentication at it's best. privacyIDEA is the community open source two factor server. It is a flexible authentication system, managing all kinds of tokens, OTP and more Open Source 2 Factor Authentication - WiKID | Network World

This page is part of Google's open source documentation. Two-factor authentication. Setting up 2FA with GitHub; Command line authentication; Best practices for recovery; Enabling two-factor authentication (also referred to as 2FA or MFA) on your GitHub account is mandatory for all Googlers who work on open source code for Google. A powerful authentication, authorization and verification package built on top of Laravel. It provides developers with Role Based Access Control, Two-Factor Authentication, Social Authentication, and much more, compatible Laravel’s standard API and fully featured out of the box.

2FA Authenticator. Price: Free. 2FA Authenticator is an excellent choice for six digit …

Open Source/self-hosted "Two Factor Authentication Open Source/self-hosted "Two Factor Authentication" software? I wonder if there is a free/self-hosted version of Yubikey/RSA/Verisign VIP that provides two-factor authentication. EDIT: The most accurate suggestions I've heard are Yubico (closed source, but has a self hosting option) and M-OTP. security - Implementing two-factor authentication into a If you want two-factor authentication via a TLS client-certificate, there are a few hardware cryptographic tokens out there. Java can load a PKCS#11 store out of the … List of single sign-on implementations - Wikipedia Enterprise cloud-based identity and access management solution with single sign-on, active directory integration and 2-factor authentication options CAS / Central Authentication Service: Apereo: Free & Open Source How to add two-factor authentication to the Bitwarden