SEE ALSO: How to Configure a Firewall in 5 Steps But, software firewalls are only half your defense. All networks (whether small or large) need a physical hardware firewall. A physical hardware firewall is placed between your office network and the Internet and guest wireless (if you have one).

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By default, hardware firewalls filter web packets while software firewalls may not filter web packets unless web traffic filtering controls are enabled. A hardware firewall can be configured to use a proxy service for filtering packets while a software firewall does not use a proxy service to filter packets. Hardware firewalls may have performance advantages for certain tasks. If you start with a software firewall and experience too much performance impact, you may consider to move some tasks on hardware firewalls while keeping software firewalls in place for other components of your strategy.

Software vs Hardware Firewalls, Port Security and Additional Features This lesson discusses set up and configuration for a basic firewall. When setting up a firewall, it is important to know the difference between a hardware and a software firewall. A software firewall is installed on clients and inexpensive but also vulnerable.

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