How to Get Your Streaming Video to Stop Buffering So Darn Much

How to Stop YouTube Videos From Buffering and Lagging Here are some ways to fix the problem of YouTube Videos buffering and lagging on a Windows computer. Stop YouTube Videos From Buffering and Lagging The problem of YouTube Videos buffering or lagging on certain occasions can be attributed to YouTube servers coming under the strain of billions of users trying to watch videos at the same time. Improve Video Buffering Speed | Perfect Streaming in Windows How to Fix Buffering for Perfect Streaming Video. You are trying to enjoy a YouTube, Netflix, or any streaming movie / TV show service, but the video streaming's slow buffering lag is beginning to drive you mad. Of course, we all know the simple solution is to press pause and let the video finish buffering until it is fully loaded onto your

Jul 09, 2020

Buffering Options: You can set your own buffer strategy like Start playing the video as soon as the page loads OR Start buffering first and then manually click on Play Button to start playing the video. You can also set your own buffer percentage after which the video will start playing automatically.

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Jul 12, 2020