Linux-using mates gone AWOL? Netflix just added Linux support

How to install Netflix on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Fedora Netflix streaming video has been available for Linux for a while. With Netflix you can watch unlimited movies and TV episodes from your Personal Computer, Playstation, Wii, Xbox or any device that support Internet streaming. Netflix will run on Windows, Mac OX, now even Linux. Criticism of Netflix - Wikipedia Linux support. Netflix formerly supported online streaming only on Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, relying on Microsoft Silverlight. Partly due to digital rights management issues, despite the open-source implementation of Silverlight known as Moonlight, Netflix Now Supports Firefox for Linux | Technology News

Oct 10, 2014

4k on Netflix (or as they call it, "Ultra HD") is a feature you can pay for. Is there a way to utilize this on linux? My main computer is the only one that has a 4k screen, and I only run Ubuntu 17.04 on it. Netflix Brings HDR Support to More TVs & Now Supports Linux Mar 22, 2017

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Netflix nunca ha ofrecido soporte oficial para Linux*, pero hace tiempo que se puede ver Netflix en Linux sin mayores complicaciones gracias a Google Chrome.Pero he aquí una noticia para encarar la primavera con mejor disposición, y es que la plataforma de cine por streaming más popular del mundo acaba de anunciar una buena nueva para los usuarios de Firefox. Play Netflix on Linux with Firefox - May 28, 2020