How to Set Up a VPN on Apple TV in 2020 (3-Step Visual

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Jan 14, 2020 · Here are 3 simple ways to setup a VPN on Apple TV generation 2 and higher. In case you’re wondering why you need an Apple TV VPN, mass surveillance, internet censorship, ISP throttling are just

Apple TV 2 & 3 1. On Apple TV, go the Settings > General > Network. 2. Select Wi-Fi for wireless network or Ethernet if you have a wired connection. For wireless network, you will have to 3. Go to Configure DNS and switch it to Manual. 4. Add 1 DNS server IP address obtained at

This is why you cannot setup StrongVPN on these devices directly. Popular solutions. StrongVPN Router - this is the best solution for streaming. By connecting to the VPN router, all the devices that don't support VPN natively (Smart TVs, Apple TVs, etc) will get VPN connection from that router.

VPN Devices Page | StrongVPN VPN Devices Page. Below is a list of common media devices. All of the devices below will work fine with a VPN router. The devices marked with a checkbox for PPTP also include within their interface the ability to add VPN account details, so no router is needed. How to Cancel My Subscription? – StrongVPN Apple Pay refunds. Apple Pay payments cannot be refunded automatically by our system. The refund must be requested through your iTunes subscription. Routers. All StrongVPN routers come with a 90 days satisfaction and 1-year hardware guarantee. You can … How To Use a VPN on Apple TV - Macworld UK