Select Manage search history. You'll be redirected to a Google privacy page. On a web browser, this will open in a separate tab. On a mobile device, this will open in the YouTube app. This list

How to erase your embarrassing YouTube watch history Nov 15, 2018 Google will auto-delete YouTube, search, and location Jun 24, 2020 Delete your YouTube Watch History - Softonic From the main page of YouTube, click on your user icon. This will open the options for YouTube, …

Jun 28, 2020

Clear YouTube History On iPhone and iPad. In case you want to, you can easily clear YouTube Watch History and YouTube Search History on your iPhone or iPad by following the steps below. 1. Tap on the YouTube app to launch YouTube on your iPhone or iPad. 2. While on YouTube, tap on the 3-dot menu icon located at the top right hand side of your May 24, 2017 · YouTube has at the moment removed the option to delete all youtube comments made on your comment history page.So it has become a tedious task to remove the thousands of comments that you have made in the past by clicking on the remove button on each of the comments in the comment history page.But there is a way by which you can delete all your comment activity on YouTube in under a minute.The Here's how to get a look at your YouTube history and, if you want, how to delete it, either manually or at three- or 18-month intervals. Just like with Web & App Activity , we recommend setting

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How To Delete YouTube Watch and Search History On Samsung How To Delete YouTube Watch and Search History On Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge/S6/Note5/4. This is YouTube main page on your Smartphone. Tap If you don’t want to see any watch and search history for the future YouTube videos, switch on How to Delete YouTube Videos History - Aug 07, 2018 Best Way to Clear iPad's YouTube History